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okay, trying to keep this alive

soooooooo............. what does everyone think of Kim's latest song?

if you havn't heard "Shut Up" yet, then you could download it from of course.

me personally, i'm really not feeling the song.. *please don't hunt me down*. haha.

well actually, the song is alright. it's just something i really can't listen to a lot. i do admit though, it's different from some of her other stuff and that's one reason why i love Kim so much, she's always coming out with different sounds and what not.

so. opinions anyone?
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I totally agree with you. I think the song would be okay as a track on Naked Truth but as for the first single off of her highly anticipated 4th album... NO.

Why? Because there are so many like it... such as Missy Elliot's "Gossip Folks" ( I liked that a lot ), Lindsay Lohan's "Rumours" ( if she wasn't trying to have shock value to secretly win her rival HILLARY DUFF then people would stop trying to get dirt on her... just watch DRIVEN on VH1 and you'll see what I mean ), and then there was that 80's song. I think that it too was called "Rumours".

One of the lyrical lines was, "Some people call Michael gay... They say if he wasn't then he just wouldn't dance that way..."

But yeah, back to Lil' Kim. The song is alright to smash her haters. But I am also going to admit that the lyrics are written very cleverly... I have listened to it to the fullest so I could write down the lyrics.

Anyway my favorite line is, "Starr Jones don't like me, she cheap and I like the best / Damn! It must feel could to pay for less!"
YES! i love that line! haha.
Personally, I like it. It's not the best Kim song, but it's still good, in my opinion. Great lyrics, too. =D
yeah... I agree.
*about the lyrics part.