Micael C (__cheeky) wrote in thebeehive,
Micael C

New Album

The Naked Truth

is to be released September 13th, 2oo5.

Her new single is "Shut Up, Bitch!" The hook goes like this:

I heard she mad rich
I heard she dead broke
I heard she sniffin' coke
Shut up, bitch!
Eh, yo Kim is spit
Man, she don' write her shit!
Yea, Biggie wrote her shit
Shut up, bitch!
I heard she going to jail
I heard she out on bail
She looked fucked up now
Shut up, bitch!
Why did she get her nose fixed?
Why she got bigger tits?
Why don't ya'll get off her shit?
Shut up, bitch!
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